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Textures in plant life

A paddle cactus on the edge of the Mobius Arch Trail parking area, on a cold December morning, three years into severe a drought. Hearty and healthy, a symbol of the strength of life in the extreme.

Perspectives from different angles

Mobius arch from the south side looking north/north east

Very wide angle, GoPro in this case.

Still life in

An 'imposible' garden hanging ten feet in the air. One of the untold number of micro-ecosystems spread all across the Alabama Hills.

Contrast of weather and

Often known as 'the lathe', this shot looking west, framing from Mt. Langley to Mt Whitney, is one of the most popular arch pictures.

A rough cut of a walk through a narrow passage. This is a storyboard version of a 'final' cut yet to be shot.

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