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Profile ?

 A profile of Russ would be incomplete without some work history...


Lobarth LTD

was a genesis of things to come.

Design, production, & photography were all skills devoloped while repairing, customizing, and designing aftermarket products for Lotus, Fiat, Abarth and many other exotic cars, motorcycles and bicycles of the time.

Our Mascot

Custom Elan

'48 Willis Overland

Ferrari 250 Berlinetta  Lusso


       The dichotomy that was Lobarth LTD

Fresh Paint


KNYO Radio                            expanded on the design and production areas, just changing from mechanical parts to radio commercials and news productions.

Eastern Sierra News Service daily news production for tv, radio, and print advanced a few more skills... note the 30lb 3/4" tape deck hung from one shoulder & the 30 camera on the other.

Sierra Cantina

Oh gosh the skills...

Our published work may also be found at:



The Los Angeles Times

The Inyo Register


More As Time Allows....

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